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Technical Information

Driving Safely with your Tyres

For a vehicle to always be in perfect conditions and be safely driven, it’s essential to provide regular maintenance and other types of care, namely in what concerns tyres. As vital organs in any vehicle, tyres need as much attention as the motor, for example, since they must similarly endure tough stresses.

Here is some advice for your journey to go smoothly:
  • Tyre specifications must always match the ones recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.
  • New tyres, or showing less wear, should be mounted in the rear axle.
  • Check the tyres pressure every 15 days and don’t forget about the spare one.
  • Never mount tyres which present deformities, punctures, cuts or any other type of damage, as safety may be compromised.
  • Grip decreases with wear. Modern tyres, for safety purposes, have wear indicators which inform when the tyre should be replaced. In Portugal, the legal limit value is 1.6 mm in all the width of the service surface.

For more information see:

Press Release ACAP e CEPP, Novembro 2013.pdf

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