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Solutions for Used Tires


Tyre retread is a process that transforms used tyres, named carcasses in this industry, that do not show any structural damage into tyres which can be reused, through the application of a new tread.

In environmental terms, retread contributes to the reduction of natural resources consumption (oil and its derivatives, natural rubber, etc.) because it is a process which ensures the extension of a tyre’s lifecycle.

The working logistics of retread companies is basically characterized by:

  1. tyres are distributed to resellers/agents or large fleet agents with whom the retreader has signed agreements/contracts (new tyres and/or retread tyres, since usually retreaders are also distributors of new tyres);
  2.  on the return journey, resellers/agents or large fleet agents deliver the used tyres with potential for retread and which they were holding;
  3. once in the retread unit, tyres are subject to evaluation tests on the carcass condition, so as to determine which ones can be reused to retread;
  4. scraped tyres are usually returned to their owners, or sent to collection points in Valorpneu’s network for further recovery.

The scrap rate of the carcass evaluation test varies according to the type of tyre. Still, it’s safe to say that this rate is of approximately 40 to 50% in light tyres and 20 to 30% in heavy tyres.

Retread of heavy vehicles tyres is done for about 80% of used tyres, while in light tyres the percentage is considerably lower, since, according to the information provided by retreaders, the market doesn’t absorb that sort of product as easily.

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