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Solutions for Used Tires

Reuse for Other Purposes

There is a large variety of applications to recover used tyres, namely reusing whole tyres for other purposes. For example, taking advantage from the structural resilience of whole used tyres, they can be used as elements of protection for marine piers, boats, in landfills and civil engineering works, such as retaining walls or tunnels building, to avoid direct contact between rocks falling from the rock walls and the tunnel’s top slab. This solution was used, for example, in some tunnels in the Autonomous Region of Madeira.

Used tyres can also be used as permeable surfaces for roads, as well as for drainage layers in the construction of platforms or warehouses, thus avoiding the need for an external retention bay.

Rubber from used tyres can furthermore be used to manufacture shoe soles, strips to be used in sofa’s upholstery, rubber circumferences for fishing nets, bowls, etc. However, these latter applications are limited to the old type of used tyres, which have no steel.

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