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About Valorpneu

Who We are

In the aftermath of Decree-Law nr 11/2001, from April the 6th, tyre producers came together with industrials from the tyre retread and rubber sectors and formed Valorpneu - Sociedade de Gestão de Pneus, Lda.

Valorpneu is a non-profit private limited company, created on February the 27th, 2002, with the objective to organize and manage the system for collection and ultimate disposal of used tyres. The society was licensed, for the first time, on October the 7th, 2002, by the Ministries of Economy and Cities, Land Management and Environment, as the managing entity of the SGPU - Sistema Integrado de Gestão de Pneus Usados (Used Tyres Management Integrated System), which started production on February 1st, 2003.

Valorpneu has a capital stock of 30.000,00 €, divided into three shares, which are distributed as follows: ACAP - 18.000,00 €, a 60% share of the capital stock; ANIRP – 6.000,00 €, representing 20% of the capital stock; APIB – 6.000,00 €, representing 20% of the capital stock.

ACAP - Associação Automóvel de Portugal

ACAP is a non-profit, public utility association representing the global sales activity in the automotive sector. Tyre manufacturers are also included amongst its associates. This association’s activity covers import, trade and post-sale service of automotive vehicles, agricultural and industrial machinery, tyres, spare parts and accessories, camping and caravanning trailers, motorcycles and other sectors connected to the transportation trade activity.


ANIRP - Associação Nacional dos Industriais de Recauchutagem de Pneus

ANIRP is a non-profit association, representing the tyre retread manufacturing industries which operate at national level.


APIB – Associação Portuguesa dos Industriais de Borracha

APIB is a non-profit association of rubber industries, whose activities include the manufacturing of paste or rubber and other elastomer mixes, artifact manufacturing, including vulcanized rubber footwear and components, and tyre and air chamber manufacturing.


As a non-profit society, Valorpneu does not distribute dividends amongst its associates.  Its net results are reinvested and/or provisioned for activities falling within the society’s mission range.

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