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Decree-Law 111/2001, from April the 6th, establishes the principles and norms that are applicable to the management of used tyres and tyres in general. This Decree-Law assigns tyre producers with the responsibility of collection, transportation and adequate final destination of used tyres, further establishing that producers’ responsibility at this level must be transferred to a managing entity.

Any entity that manufactures, imports or in any way introduces new or second hand tyres in the national market is considered a producer, including those that manufacture, import or sell vehicles, aircraft or other equipment that contains tyres.

Any company importing new or used tyres must celebrate a contract with Valorpneu, so that the Ecovalue due on the imported tyres can be charged. If the company that sells tyres buys them in the national market, there is no need to celebrate any sort of contract with Valorpneu, since the company they are buying the tyres from is already charging the Ecovalue (i.e. has already paid to Valorpneu). Each tyre introduced in the national market must pay for its Ecovalue a single time only. This Ecovalue, which pays for the provision of a service and is charged by tyre producers, funds Valorpneu’s system.

The Ecovalue associated with each tyre must be replicated along the sales chain until it reaches the end customer whenever the tyres or the vehicles/equipments which contain them are sold, being the responsibility of the producers and distributors to detail its corresponding value in a specific item that must be present in the invoice.

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