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About Valorpneu

What We Do

Valorpneu, according to its licensing role as the used tyres managing entity, has as its main purpose to create and develop a system which enables to adequately manage and process the flow of used tyres generated on a yearly basis.

This context led to the creation of the SGPU - Sistema Integrado de Gestão de Pneus Usados – which can be defined as an articulated processes and responsibilities system, whose aim is the correct routing of end-of-life tyres, eliminating the need for landfill deposit and promoting collection, separation, retake and recovery. This system is financed through the collection of an Ecovalue which takes place whenever a tyre is sold in the national market (either new or used).

Valorpneu uses the Ecovalue to finance a system whose responsibility starts with the collection (via the availability of suitable areas for temporary storage of used tyres), continues with transportation (amongst the collection operators and energy recoverers) and ends at recovery (reuse, retread, recycling and energy recovery). The system also includes the promotion of its activities through the appropriate communication channels, as well as the financing of R&D activities which contribute to meet its objectives.

Used tyres dispatched by Collection Points may have four different destinations:

- Reuse
- Retread
- Recycling
- Energy recovery

Reuse: using tyres which are still in good condition, returning them to the market with the purpose of being used for the same purpose (half tread reuse), or using tyres, without the need for any pre-processing, for a purpose different from the one it was originally designed for (reuse for other purposes).

Retread: operation by which an already used tyre, after fulfilling its lifecycle, is rebuilt in such a way as to allow its use for the same purpose as the one it was originally designed for.

Recycling: processing of used tyres for a purpose other than the original one, namely as raw material to be incorporated into other products (ex: Rubber Modified Bitumen, used to pave roads, children playgrounds, synthetic grass, etc.).

Energy Recovery: processing of used tyres by combustion, for energy recovery.

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