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The SGPU system

Operational and Financial Model

The Used Tyres Management Integrated System (SGPU – “Sistema Integrado de Gestão de Pneus Usados”) developed by Valorpneu starts with the introduction of new or used tyres in the national market. Any company importing new or used tyres must celebrate a contract with Valorpneu, so that the Ecovalue due on the imported tyres can be charged. Each tyre introduced in the national market must pay for its Ecovalue a single time only. This Ecovalue, due when a tyre is sold and charged by tyre producers, funds Valorpneu’s system and pays for the service it provides.

For distributors (or any individual holders of used tyres) to deliver their used tyres, there is a network of collection points distributed throughout the country, where any company may deliver their used tyres at zero cost (the only cost companies have to support is transportation until the nearest collection point). Later on, tyres are routed by Valorpneu from the collection points to the destination points, where they are processed according to the established goals (essentially recycling and energy recovery).

Working model of SGPU

This structure privileges the existing working mechanisms of the market with a proven track record, and promotes the business and financial viability of activities/business agents which contribute to the achievement of the environmental efficiency goals proposed in Decree-Law 111/2001. Within this context, it’s possible to identify and characterize the different intervenient parts in the end-of-life tyres management system and define their respective rights and responsibilities.

Distributors/Holders may deliver their end-of-life tyres to the different collection points, free of charge. They may also, and if so desired, assign them to retreaders. This situation is valid for any operators, companies or entities (workshops, service stations, specialized trade, dismantlers, large fleet companies, municipalities, private citizens, etc.) that, for whatever reason, hold used tyres. Tyre distributors are not allowed to refuse accepting used tyres against the sale of tyres of the same type and in the same quantity.

Retreaders may deliver used tyres resulting from the triage of carcasses to retread to the collection points, free of charge. If they wish, retreaders may also acquire carcasses to retread at collection points.

Collection points are temporary storage places for used tyres and work as an upstream “reservoir” from energy recovery agents. These operators are the first visible face of the SGPU and they accept any type of tyres, free of charge.

The two main objectives of collection points are: (i) to control and quantify all used tyres flows directed towards energy recovery and other destinations and (ii) to provide an adequate collection network evenly distributed throughout Portugal.

For a financial offset and according to the existing legal goals, Recyclers and Energy Recovery Agents close the SGPU cycle, receiving the end-of-life tyres coming from collection points and processing them into rubber granulate for an adequate recycling destination (recyclers) or energy (energy recovery agents).

Transportation of end-of-life tyres from collection points to Energy Recovery agents is provided by Transportation Agents, controlled and financed by Valorpneu.

The system managed by Valorpneu encompasses a significant amount of business agents, institutional entities and different types of operators, as well as a series of material, financial and information flows which make SGPU a complex system with its own specificities.

The information management inherent to this complex data transmission network is supported by an online information system which ensures the interaction of the different operators within the SGPU, while simultaneously allowing Valorpneu to manage and control the whole SGPU. This information system, named “SGPU On-Line” is a restricted access system and works via the Internet.

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