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Why Join


Retreaders are a key part of the SGPU system and play two important roles: first, as entities which recover used tyres, thus contributing to the achievement of the legally defined retread rate; second, as potential producers, since they may eventually import carcasses to retread, which in turn implies the introduction of tyres in the national market.

Within the scope of its activity, Valorpneu must establish information flows with the different SGPU operators, and, amongst other parameters, must know the total amount of used tyres effectively retreaded that exist in the national market. As such, Valorpneu needs the cooperation of retreaders, who perform an activity which is not possible to naturally dissociate from the used tyres management principles, even if they don’t act as producers, as defined in item d) of Article 2 of Decree-Law 111/2001.

Therefore, all national retreaders, at the very least and in case they don’t import carcasses, must celebrate a protocol with Valorpneu with the aim to state their respective amount of retreaded tyres, thus ensuring the trueness of the national retread data.

Additionally, retreaders who import carcasses to retread are also considered as producers, according to the stipulation on Decree-Law 111/2001, since they are introducing second hand tyres in the national market, and must therefore declare them to Valorpneu and pay the corresponding Ecovalue.

As such, in the case of retreaders who import carcasses, they must celebrate a contract with Valorpneu; this contract obliges retreaders to produce quarterly and yearly statements, detailing the number of retreaded tyres (information table), number of carcasses to retread introduced in the national market (import table) and the number of exported retreaded tyres (export table). Annual statements are valid only if certified by a Certified Accountant or a Chartered Accountant.

In the case of retreaders who do not import carcasses, they must celebrate a protocol with Valorpneu and simply provide yearly statements showing the number of retreaded tyres (information table). These annual statements don’t need to be certified by a Certified Accountant or a Chartered Accountant.

Based on these statements, Valorpneu calculates the national retread rate (keeping individual data about each company confidential) and, when applicable, will quarterly invoice or reimburse the Ecovalue due and yearly settle the balance related to the total year.

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