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Material recovery of alternative fuels in the cement industry

30 Abr 2015

The participation in the study "Co-processing - material recovery of alternative fuels in the cement industry", presented to the Portuguese Environment Agency in November of last year, was one of the main Research and Development (R&D) activities from Valorpneu. This project was carried out together with AVE - Gestão Ambiental e Valorização Energética, the entity that sponsored the project, Green Dot Society, Valorcar and 3Drivers, the consulting firm that developed the study.

The impact evaluation of the co-processing operation on an environmental level, as well as the potential impact at the management goals achievement level defined for several types of waste, were the source for this study.  Furthermore, evaluation calculations of the fractions which are recovered as material in the co-processing process of alternative fuels in cement plants were also established which, as such, may earn characterization as material recovery and define a methodology for collection, preparation and analysis of the alternative fuel samples that allow the identification of its characteristics.

In parallel, the study concluded that, from a technical point of view, there is sufficient evidence for recognizing the double role of energy and material recovery of waste co-processing in cement plant ovens.


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