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Do you want to maintain a balanced ecovalue? Do you want to contribute to justice within the SGPU?

Do you want to protect your business? Do you want to help Valorpneu in finding adherents?

Today it's easy to create and end societies, to startup and shutdown import activities (in our case, of tyres), a situation which contributes to the possibility of some of these entities escaping their obligations towards the SGPU, making our action more difficult. By helping Valorpneu find new adherents that are still not part of the system, you are also contributing to justice within the SGPU. This justice will be reflected in a balanced Ecovalue and, essentially, in the guarantee of fair competition in your business area.

Together we will continue to work towards a better environment!

To inform Valorpneu about the identification of entities you suspect are importing tyres without the required contract with Valorpneu (check the adherents list here), please fill in the following

NOTE: The more detailed and accurate information we receive, the higher the probabilities for Valorpneu to be able to contact and subsequently notify the missing entities. As such, not only the mandatory filling fields should contain correct information, but also the filling of the remaining ones will be an extra help for us.

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