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The SGPU system

Recovery Network

Valorpneu’s recovery network is essentially made up of recycling and energy recovery operators. Once in a while there may also be some operators which recover used tyres through other forms of material recovery (such as, for example, civil works construction, protection of marine piers, etc.).

Recycling operators receive whole or shredded tyres and process them into rubber granulate (separating metal and textile materials incorporated into the tyres), which is then used for different purposes (rubber modified bitumen, synthetic football pitches, paving, children playgrounds, etc.). At present, Valorpneu works together with 3 recycling companies: Biosafe, located in Ovar, Biogoma, located in Tremês, and Recipneu, located in Sines. The first two operate through a mechanical process, while the third uses a cryogenic process.

The energy recovery operators utilize used tyres as an alternative source of fuel for energy production, benefiting from the excellent heating power of the tyre (similar to that of coal), therefore saving on traditional fuel consumption (fossil fuel), and also reducing emissions due to the tyre's biomass combustion (from the natural rubber of the tyre). At present, Valorpneu works together with 6 energy recovery facilities: the three cement production plants from the Secil Group, located in Maceira, Pataias and Outão, two cement plants from Cimpor Group, Alhandra and Loulé, and the cogeneration facility of the Recauchutagem Nortenha company, located in Penafiel.

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